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Campus Lübeck – SCHLEGEL redevelops shopping centre

SCHLEGEL shows its strengths in step-by-step renovation in Lübeck

The Mönkhof Karree shopping centre, which was first built in the university quarter of Lübeck in 2007, has been completely revamped as part of a local regeneration project. It reopened its doors in 2016 with the new name "Campus Lübeck" and has enjoyed a reputation for shopping excellence in the south of the Hanseatic City ever since.

The previous single-storey complex with car park, covering approximately 22,900 m² and not yet ten years old, was revitalised in a project that took almost as much work as a new build. The main reasons for carrying out the makeover were to make the public areas more aesthetically appealing and more comfortable, and also to attract tenants. The step-by-step modernisation covered various aspects of renovation and new building.

Since SCHLEGEL's wide-ranging portfolio of services covered the full spectrum of requirements for renovating both the inside and the outside of the centre, the Bietigheim-based specialists were the obvious choice.

Work began with upgrading the various rental units – both for big, well-known chains with high demands on quality and corporate image, and for smaller retailers with very specific requirements. It was here that clients such as architects benefited from SCHLEGEL's expertise and craftsmanship throughout the dry construction, electrical, painting and flooring work.

The SCHLEGEL team was more or less given free rein working in the light and airy mall. The modernisation project included the floors, walls, acoustic ceilings, integrated lighting and suspended light fixtures. Using different materials made it possible to create a lively and contemporary atmosphere while substantially improving the acoustics. The project provided the specialists at SCHLEGEL with a unique opportunity to make full use of their expert knowledge. SCHLEGEL was even able to play to its strengths when replacing the existing panoramic lift in the centre of the mall with a considerably larger one. All of the construction work – from the structural steel work through to installing the electronic system, both when dismantling the lift and rebuilding it – went hand in hand and was carried out in parallel with that of the other workmen in the mall.

A considerable part of the project was taken up by work outdoors, which comprised the urban redevelopment of the town square. Having extra ground-level parking spaces and well-lit entrances to the shops makes the environment more pleasant for shoppers and helps them to find their way around. Creating these required both structural work and specialised civil engineering, not to mention building and turfing the outdoor facilities, asphalting, plastering, and fitting the entrance areas and advertising displays. SCHLEGEL finished the overall look of the building with a new curtain wall that is made of aluminium slats and ventilated from the rear.

The shopping centre's new slogan captures the regeneration project in a nutshell: Campus Lübeck – the modern shopping experience.
(Photographer: Markus Tollhopf)